January 05, 2008

From that day on, I was running

I haven't mentioned it here yet, but Laura is getting married this year. I haven't mentioned it because I've spent the past couple of months getting used to the fact that she's engaged. It was a whirlwind romance (as in at this time last year she was still 3 months away from meeting him), and those darn whirlwind romances have a tendency to cause apprehensions. Add in the fact that she'll be moving to Texas as part of the whole getting married thing and you can see why it's not something I've wanted to talk about until I got my head on straight about it. (And really, my head hasn't been on straight about anything since July so that was not an easy task!)


We've had our drama and worked things out and now we're fine and excited and squeeful about bridesmaids dresses and showers and yadda yadda. But before she leaves, we're going to run at least one 5K race together. She's planning on running a half marathon in a month or two so she's already doing the running thing but that means I have to get my ass in gear.

Gear found, thank you very much.

Can I just say that the Couch to 5K program fucking rocks? Last week was week 1 for me, and I did it just fine. I even laced up my shoes and went out and ran on New Year's Day! This week was week 2, and I realized tonight that I couldn't do my planned Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule because duh, I have class on Thursday nights starting this week. So what did I do? Changed it to Saturday-Monday-Wednesday and bopped out tonight to start week 2. And it was still easy! And doable!

I'm sure it'll get hard eventually, and I'm sure I will be cursing myself and Cool Running and the guy who makes the podcasts that I listen to while I run at some point, but for now it's awesome and it's fun and I cannot wait to get out there and run with my best friend before she moves away.

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