Stitching is one of my long-time hobbies that has come in and out of my life, depending on what's happening. I haven't attempted other types of embroidery yet, although I'm sure that eventually I'll have other types of projects linked to this page. For now, it's all cross-stitching. :)

So why do I stitch? Besides the relaxation that stitching gives me, it's also the sense of accomplishment. Stitching is often a labor of love-- the pieces I tend to work are large, long-term projects. But the end results are so worth it!

My Current Rotation

After a long absence from stitching, I'm getting myself organized and back into the groove with my projects. My current rotation is a 5-hour focus on each project below to see whether I'm feeling up to continuing with the project at this time. I'm also allowing myself two new small starts to balance out the large unfinished projects in my pile.

1) Elemental Dragons: Spirit by Dragon Dreams
2) Cats on a Staircase by Bucilla
3) Egyptian Sampler by Teresa Wentzler
4) Star Wars Sampler (self generated, based on a creation by HandEyeMindMouth
5) Apache Wedding Blessing by Kooler Design Studio
6) Floral Bellpull by Teresa Wentzler
7) Astrology Sampler by Witches Stitches
8) Ornament for exchange by Teresa Wentzler

Each linked title is a page for the individual projects, including my notes as I go and progress photos. I also have a page keeping my prior rotation rounds organized, in case I ever need to reference them for some reason.

I stitch to a ten hour guideline rotation-- I must do ten hours on each piece. If I feel in the groove on the current piece in my rotation, I'll allow myself up to a month to keep working on it before I force myself to switch over. Because I have two Teresa Wentzler pieces in my rotation, I've put a specific 10-hour slot JUST to focus on backstitching so that it gets done. If there's not ten hours worth of backstitching on one project, I will use the slot to do backstitching on any other projects that are ready for it. Otherwise, I'll just move on.

- Last Site Update: December 8, 2009